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About me

I enjoy telling my story, but sometimes the best perspective comes from a third party source. If you're interested in learning a bit more about me through the eyes of people much more talented with a pen than I am, here are some articles In the news that I think are well written and offer a unique and fair perspective!

Baseball/Life Outlook
A Q&A writeup by Jordan Bastian about my general outlook on life, baseball, training, perception, etc.
Off Season/Pitch Design
A Q&A writeup by Jordan Bastian about my off season work on my slider and some other miscellaneous things
69 Days of Giving
Jeff Passan did a great write up on one of my philanthropic initiatives, 69 days of giving.
Speaking My Mind
Jerry Crasnick wrote a nice piece about some of my community efforts, my reputation and my general outlook on life.
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My family is very important to me. They keep me grounded and make fun of me altogether too much. I honestly don't know how they do it, there's not really anything to make fun of me for...but they find a way! My sister, Gracie. My mom, Kathy. My dad, Warren. Three very different personalities but we have a blast when we are together!

My college years were spent getting copious amounts of parking tickets at the University of California at Los Angeles. After graduating high school a semester early, I enrolled in classes in early January, 2009. About seven weeks later I was pitching in my first collegiate game. I declared a mechanical engineering major. As it turns out, engineering and baseball aren't the easiest things to do simultaneously...

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I spent about two and a half years at UCLA. I'm very fond of my time there, but some of  My interests predate my college years...


If you're interested in the Gear I use here's a list!

Arm Care:

Driveline Plyos

Shoulder Tube

Jaeger Bands

Driveline Wrist Weights

Velocity Development:

Driveline Leather Weighted Balls

Radar Gun: Stalker Pro

On Field Gear:

Headphones: Powerbeats

Glove: Nike

Cleats: Nike


Delfi PTS



Accelerated Arm Recovery

Driveline Trampoline

Baseball Gear

Radio: Taranis X9D

TX Module: TBS Crossfire Micro 

Goggles: Fatshark HD3 

                 SkyZone diversity V1

HD Camera: GoPro Session 5

Video Transmitter: TBS Unify Pro 5.8

Receiver: TBS crossfire micro

Flight Board: Helio Spring

ESC: DYS 30A 4 in 1

Camera: Runcam Micro

VTX Antenna: TBS Triumph

5 inch quad:

Frame: Monkey Business

Motors: BrotherHobby Returner r6


Props: HQ 5x4.8x3 v1s

Battery: Lumenier 1300 mah 6s 95c

6 inch quad:

Frame: Walker Texas Ranger

Motors: T-Motor F-80 1900kv

Props: HQ 6045

Battery: Tattu 2300 mah 4s 45c

Drone Gear

Body: Sony a7rii

Lense: Sony FE 24-70mm

SD Card: Sandisk 64GB MicroSD


Bag: Lowepro Adventura SH 160

Tripod: GorillaPod 5k

Editing Software:

Photo: Affinity Photo

Video: Final Cut Pro 10

DaVinci Resolve

Camera Gear